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Enygma enables you to send and receive emails with complete privacy

Nobody outside of you and the recipient of your emails can read your Enygma messages. Not a hacker, not your employer, not a government, not any authority, not even your email provider like Gmail or Microsoft. No leak, no eavesdropping, no spying on you, no exception. Your private communications stay just that, private.

Enygma lets you use your current email account to send and receive private messages

Enygma seamlessly integrates with the email you already have. You don't need to create another email account for your secure messages - you continue to use your existing email system to send and receive secure encrypted messages.

Zero unwanted access to your messages

Enygma encrypted emails never travel through our servers and we never store any copy of them. This means that not only do we have zero access to your messages and information, we also cannot hand your emails over to any authority, or any other party, because we simply don't have them.  And never will.  And this is the way it should be to guarantee your absolute privacy and control of your information.

Simple and easy to use

Enygma was designed from the ground up to provide secure communications but also ease of use. Enygma is transparent and lets you continue working the way you do today with your email.  Securing and encrypting emails is just one click away.

Advanced protection with end-to-end 256-bit encryption

Enygma protected emails are encrypted before sending, transmit encrypted and remain encrypted at the destination. This also means that even if your email account gets hacked, your Enygma secured emails will still be protected and their information out of reach of attackers. With Enygma you can email any information, to anyone, without fearing prying eyes, surveillance or criminals. Completely safely.

For everyone

You don't need to check before sending an Enygma protected email that your recipient has Enygma installed because Enygma doesn't need to be installed beforehand to receive secure Enygma messages.  So feel free to start communicating safely knowing that your encrypted emails will reach your recipient safely and that this recipient, and only this recipient, will be able to open your protected messages.

No multiple accounts, no multiple Inboxes

Enygma doesn't force you, or the recipients of your emails, to go to a third party webmail site to send or receive secure emails.  Your secure messages are found in your current Inbox, not divided in multiple locations and Inboxes. You can thus easily and safely find them, organize them, all within the confines of your current email system.  And you also don't need to learn yet another mail system.

How Enygma works

Enygma is an end-to-end email security solution which lets you use your existing email account and email address to send and receive secure encrypted messages.


The secure email you create, and its optional file attachments, are encrypted before sending by Enygma and stored in a cyber secure crypto file, which is then attached to the outgoing message. To assure the highest level of security, each message consumes a unique and never used before 256-bit encryption key. Your confidential message is encrypted before it leaves, travels encrypted and remains encrypted at the destination. Your confidential information is thus always secure, whether in transit or at rest.


When the recipient opens your encrypted message, Enygma verifies the recipient's credentials to assure that only the person you intended to send the secure message to can open it.  Then and only then can the encrypted message be opened. 


None of our servers ever receive or store any copy of your secure messages. This means that not only do we have zero access to your messages and information, we also cannot hand your emails over to any authority, or any other party, because we simply don't have them.  And never will.  And this is the way it should be to guarantee your absolute privacy and control of your information.


Enygma works transparently behind the scene to make sending and receiving simple and easy, and assuring that your information is at all times shielded from prying eyes, surveillance, hackers and criminals.

Unprotected emails expose you and your information


34 billion emails are analyzed and reviewed by Google every day

If you send a message to - or from - a Gmail account, its information will be scanned and analyzed by Google and pertinent data will be permanently stored in databases - this collected information will not be deleted, even if you delete your emails, and remains available to Google and its partners.  Source: Ars Technica


Billions of emails stolen in recent hacks

A report by haveibeenpwned.com has revealed that over 711 million email addresses have been compromised during a series of cyber attacks. The hacked databases include email addresses and their corresponding passwords.  These breaches unfortunately expose a large number of messages that contain personal and corporate confidential information. Source: TroyHunt


1.7 billion communications are intercepted by the NSA each day

Every day, the United States National Security Agency's surveillance intercepts and stores over 1.7 billion communications.  Analysts can see “nearly everything a user does on the Internet” including emails, social media posts, web sites you visit, addresses typed into Google Maps, files sent, and more. Source: ACLU and ProPublica


58% of top email servers are not safe

More than half of the world’s top sites suffer from misconfigured email servers, making them vulnerable and open to attacks. Direct attacks on email providers can also result in millions of compromised email accounts, as could be witnessed with Yahoo Mail, which saw over 1 billion of its accounts hacked, exposing all email messages. Source: New York Times

Protect yourself and your information. 

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